The year 2009 is to be catalogued as a very good vintage, thanks to an excellent balance both in the vineyard and in the wines. The particularly cold winter months and early spring slowed down the vegetative growth, contrary to past seasons, where it had appeared before time. However, the heat of May has allowed for the recovery of such slow down back to normal standards. Also the heat waves over the summer caused the grapes to ripen ahead of time compared to average

Montefalco Sagrantino 2009 DOCG

Number of bottles produced: 5.440

Season slightly warmer than the previous; but nevertheless our wine does mark a further step forward in the pursuit of refinement and elegance. The aromas are wide ranging and complex, with obvious mature sensations of cherry, plum and wild berries, but well blended within the spicy, earthy and mineral component. A nice prelude, perfectly able to introduce an enveloping sip, of great tasteful impact, aromatic progression and refined persistence.