The first part of the season was characterized by abundant rainfall and temperatures in line with the winter trend, with the arrival of spring the vegetative awakening was characterized by below average temperatures and abundant rainfall.

After having also averted the risk of late frosts, in May temperatures returned to stable in line with the seasonal trend. Certainly the abundant rainfall has allowed us to have vineyards with an excellent vegetative boost and a balanced phenological growth in terms of methods and times.

With the beginning of June came high pressure, which brought high temperatures and no rain, lasting until the middle of July. However, spring temperatures and abundant rainfall were essential to maintaining a good water balance in our vineyards. In the second part of July the temperatures were partly mitigated by two disturbances, which allowed the vine to compensate for water and thermal stress.

The month of August was fundamental for bringing our vineyards and our grapes into the best conditions for the harvest, in fact, the month was characterized by very hot days but also with excellent night-time temperature variations.

Having reached the middle of September, our harvest began and ended in the first week of October. The harvested grapes were in an excellent state of health, characterized by a very balanced technological and phenolic maturation. Once the fermentations were completed, the wines were fresh, fragrant and with excellent structure.

Arnèto Umbria Bianco 2021 IGT

Number of bottles produced: 8000

Purely golden, on the nose it offers the inevitable notes of citrus fruit and yellow pulp fruit accompanied by mineral hints in a context that recalls the Mediterranean scrub. The sip is satisfying, full and well balanced between freshness and substance, with great persistence.