A very cold January and a rainy February were followed by a dry and mild spring at least until May, when the climate changed bringing heavy rains and significant drops in temperature. The abundant rains in May made it possible to rebalance a season that was by now too dry. Change of trend in June with temperatures approaching 40 degrees and zero rain. July was also very hot with the substantial difference being that it was accompanied by excellent temperature ranges.

In the last week of July the rain generated a more pleasant climate and August was the photocopy of July also as regards the last week, where abundant rains arrived. With the month of September, mild days arrived with no rise in temperature.

The ripening of the grapes was very balanced thanks to the excellent night-time temperature ranges in the summer which, together with the summer rains, gave the wines a nice freshness.


Umbria White 2019 IGT

Number of bottles produced: 6,500

Frankly golden, the nose offers the inevitable notes of citrus notes and yellow-fleshed fruit flanked by mineral hints in a context that recalls the Mediterranean scrub. The sip is satisfying, full and well balanced between freshness and matter, of great persistence.